My Japanese Cooking Adventures and Other Stories

My Newest Creation! Sorta… And I Got Featured!!

Posted in Desserts by erinachan on October 24, 2008

So first of all, so exciting!  this awesome seller on etsy offered to feature Teahouse Confections on her blog so everyone should go check it out since it looks like a cool blog anyway! 

Also at my shop I already sell a basic Kasutera which is a Japanese sponge cake but now I figured it was time to try some other flavors so this time I took a stab and chocolate kasutera with cocoa powder. It turned out sooo good! Like dangerously good, like Im going to have give it away to get it out of the house good! In all actuality kasutera is a huge pain to make just because you literally have to spend a half an hour using a hand mixer just to get the right consistency but its all worth it once its done. it ends up so light and fluffy but its differen than angel food cake, it really is totally unique. Behold my latest success!! =D


Dorayaki Adventures…

Posted in Desserts, Japanese Food, Snacks by erinachan on October 19, 2008

So I had to fill a super order for the last couple days and it finally came down to the final item of dorayaki. It took many many trial runs over the past few weeks to get a consistent round shape to the dorayaki pancakes as well as a nice consistent brown color but I think after seriously probably at least 30 tries I have finally gotten it down! Behold perfectly browned dorayakis! I could almost cry! It goes to show if you just keep trying over and over and over at some point you’ll find success! woot!