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Failed Experiments Part 1…

Posted in Desserts, Snacks by erinachan on October 19, 2008

So yesterday I was trying to come up with new flavors of my homemade pocky. The chocolate ones do well, Ive gotten a few sales on them and everybody who tries them really like them. So I figured lets take these biscuit sticks to the next level!! Behold one of my many failed experiements but the first one I’ve actually published. Strawberry Pocky! They may look alright but trust its like taking a big bite out of your lip balm! I used this strawberry flavoring oil which said on the package highly concentrated so I figured since I put in half a bag of white chocolate in the double boiler half a teaspoon would be a good starting point and I would build up the flavor as I go. Well I guess when they said highly concentrated they weren’t kidding. I almost chocked it was so strong so I put in the entire bag of white chocolate to mellow it out a little which it did but the end result was a nice crunchy strawberry flavored lipsmacker…bleh..