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Failed Experiments #3 and 4…

Posted in Desserts by erinachan on October 19, 2008

*sigh* I tried making a kabocha cake and an asian pear calufoutis last night, but alas it was not meant to be… Well really with the kabocha cake I was just really dumb and threw a bunch of stuff in there that really had no purpose being in there like cheap beer and sesame oil. It looked ok coming out of the oven but it definitly had a unique scent. I figured Id cool it overnight before I’d take pictures. So this morning I woke up took it out, it still looked fine but the smell was even stronger, I cut a piece to set up for pictures and I figured Id best try it in case I was wasting my time. OMG it was the worst thing in the history of the world! I can’t even explain how bad it was! Needless to say 2 seconds later the cake landed in the bottom of my trashcan..

As for the calufoutis, it turned out really well! I personally thought it was awesome, I had my fiance try it though but he wasnt too much of a fan but I can’t trust his opinion because he says asian pears taste like “retarded apples” I totally would have used this one for my shop the only thing was no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get a good picture! And as sad as it is, no matter how good it tastes, if I can’t make it look pretty, I can’t sell it. =(