My Japanese Cooking Adventures and Other Stories

I fixed it, I fixed it!!! Woot!

Posted in Desserts, Snacks by erinachan on October 20, 2008

So my failed strawberry biscuit recipe went from the failed experiment category to the success category! yay! It only took 4 tries to get it there. This last time I swore if it didn’t work I would give up on it but this time they had a mild strawberry flavor and after I cooled them, they were awesome! ugh Im so happy it worked, I spent so much money experimenting on this one…


Kabocha Cookies!!

Posted in Desserts, Snacks by erinachan on October 19, 2008

Last night I finally got up the nerve to fully cut through a kabocha squash (Well at least with the help of my fiance who in all reality cut through the squash for me but only in half and I cut the rest!). There have been attempts before but this was the first time I successfully cut through one! So as the reward for my hard work and
¬†determination on getting that sucker open, my first stab at making kabocha cookies turned out awesome! Like really out of all my recipes so far, I would say the kabocha cookies are my favorite!! they came out so soft and the nutmeg and cinnamon just made it feel like fall, I got all giddy having one cause it made it feel like Christmas is on the way! Is that weird? I imagine it is…

The Agony and The Ecstasy… Failed Experiment # 2 Plus a Success!!!

Posted in Desserts, Snacks by erinachan on October 19, 2008

So yesterday I was attempting a new recipe and I really wanted to make black sesame cookies for my store. The first one I tried was a total disaster! I tried making a super slightly sweet cookies with very little sugar and no binder except for olive oil. Well it sort worked I was hoping once they were baked and cooled, they would bind together but alas I waited till they were completely cooled but they still completely fell apart no matter what I did =( The taste really wasn’t too bad
 though, maybe too much salt perhaps but not bad! So I had to scrap the first idea and went with a more traditional type of cookie! I went for more of a shortbread type cookie but still with minimal sugar and grinded up some of the black sesame seeds to give a little more of the taste as well as keeping whole ones. This 2nd recipe came out awesome! They were rich and buttery and best of all they stayed together even in the half sphere shape! I was afriad I was just going to have to post another failed experiment but at least it was a total disaster. Yay!

Failed Experiments Part 1…

Posted in Desserts, Snacks by erinachan on October 19, 2008

So yesterday I was trying to come up with new flavors of my homemade pocky. The chocolate ones do well, Ive gotten a few sales on them and everybody who tries them really like them. So I figured lets take these biscuit sticks to the next level!! Behold one of my many failed experiements but the first one I’ve actually published. Strawberry Pocky! They may look alright but trust its like taking a big bite out of your lip balm! I used this strawberry flavoring oil which said on the package highly concentrated so I figured since I put in half a bag of white chocolate in the double boiler half a teaspoon would be a good starting point and I would build up the flavor as I go. Well I guess when they said highly concentrated they weren’t kidding. I almost chocked it was so strong so I put in the entire bag of white chocolate to mellow it out a little which it did but the end result was a nice crunchy strawberry flavored lipsmacker…bleh..

Dorayaki Adventures…

Posted in Desserts, Japanese Food, Snacks by erinachan on October 19, 2008

So I had to fill a super order for the last couple days and it finally came down to the final item of dorayaki. It took many many trial runs over the past few weeks to get a consistent round shape to the dorayaki pancakes as well as a nice consistent brown color but I think after seriously probably at least 30 tries I have finally gotten it down! Behold perfectly browned dorayakis! I could almost cry! It goes to show if you just keep trying over and over and over at some point you’ll find success! woot!