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The Spring 2009 Tokidoki Shoes

Posted in Random by erinachan on October 26, 2008

So I was on the tokidoki blog yesterday and I came across the new shoes for the Onitsuka and Tokidoki collaboration. I wanted to the get the sneakers from the first collection sooooo bad but they a hundred and fifty bucks and in limited quantity which is sad now because on ebay they are now over 200 and never in my gigantic clown rivaling shoe size. =( But these new ones im so in love with!  dont think Ive ever seen Onitsuka ballet flats let alone tokidoki ones and the sneakers look a lot like skate shoes this time around. I wish there were a few more characters displayed on the outside but definitly still adorable! Just have to work on the price now. Still close to $150. Ouch…


I Met Another Erina Last Night!

Posted in Random by erinachan on October 25, 2008

So I was on etsy last night checking stuff out and on the front page someone had made a treasury and there was this AMAZING cape I saw on there, I’m checking it out and I see the designer’s name is Erina Wang, I was soo excited! I checked out her shop and everything in there was so cute and she even had a dress called the Erina dress! I’ve NEVER met another person with my name before. I really was way too excited but I ended up writing her a note on etsy telling her her shop was beautiful and we had the same name and congrats on making the front page and she actually wrote back so sweetly saying thanks and offering me a discount when i can get something at her store. I love when people are that nice, it makes me happy!

A Tokidoki Christmas…

Posted in Random by erinachan on October 22, 2008

So I started this little project back in August. I figured this will be my first real Christmas on my own out of my parents house and I wanted it to feel like Christmas but ornaments are so freakin’ expensive and really cheap looking especially the ones I wanted like Invader Zim and Nightmare Before Christmas. So I decided to take matters into my own hands to save money and start making my own ornaments! I have a huge obsession with the brand tokidoki. I mean really I have clothes, purses, toys, pictures, screensavers seriosuly there is a lot of tokidoki in my home. So i thought me and my fiance will just have a tokidoki themed Christmas with the stockings and the ornaments being tokidoki characters! So here are my ornaments so far I know I need to make A LOT more and they aren’t perfect but at least when we put them up on the tree Ill feel good knowing made our Christmas what I wanted it to be! =D

Odin, the Grumpiest Dog In the Universe…

Posted in Random by erinachan on October 19, 2008

This is my dog Odin, and this is what he looks like every morning and basically all day unless he’s outside on a walk or chasing a laser pointer. You try to pet him in the morning he won’t have it! He’ll give you the most evil death glare you have ever seen. It’s really kind of funny actually, it just makes it all the more fun to mess with him. =D

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